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Colorado Championships brings out the Students (and instructors!)

Colorado State Championship

Saturday, March 8th saw an amazing turnout in Colorado for the Colorado State Championships.

Over 120 competitors and quite a few schools from across the western United States.

Thanks to host Dr. Pete Medaugh! (Pictured in a suit on the very left)

Dignitaries included (Seated Left to right):

Master Suzan Crochet - National TaeKwon-Do, Kansas
Master Charles Avila - Trinity TaeKwon-Do, Colorado
Master Kent Hups - Hups TaeKwon-Do, Colorado
Master Bob Neidig - Trinity TaeKwon-Do, Colorado
Master Rick Mitchell - Chang Hon Kwan TaeKwon-Do, Colorado
Master Bill Strouse - Western Colorado TaeKwon-Do, Colorado
Master Douglas Arnold - YOM CHI California, California
Master Steve Blakeley - Easter New Mexico TaeKwon-Do, New Mexico
Master Pam Neidig - Trinity TaeKwon-Do, Colorado
Master Dan Kohler - Skyline TaeKwon-Do, Utah

Present but not in the picture:
Master Jonas Pologe - Boulder TaeKwon-Do, Colorado




Master Daniel Kohler, VII



Mr. Kohler


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