YOMCHI Referees

Welcome to the YOMCHI TaeKwon-Do Association® Referee Certification Program

Active members of the YCTA, students of active YCTA instructors, and specifically invited non-YCTA guests and/or schools are eligible to participate in YCTA sanctioned tournaments and Referee program. YCTA Sanctioned tournaments are those tournaments sponsored by an affiliated YCTA school or state organization for which national funds are extended to the Promoter of the tournament. A sanctioning fee is paid to the YCTA national organization and the YCTA Tournament Rules are adhered to.

Many black belts are needed to conduct a tournament. Black belts have traditionally donated their time and expertise to provide the best officiating possible at events. A certification system has been established to continue to improve the quality of these events, and to give recognition to officials for their contribution to professionalism.

All referee candidates must be certified by testing at the appropriate levels, beginning with Class “C” and can progress to Class “I”(Instructor).

For more information on obtaining promotion credentials from YOM CHI please use the "Contact" tab above.

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Class C Referee Director
Class B Referee Director
Class A Referee