History of YOMCHI


First meeting of YOMCHI

Mr. Floyd Griffin, Master Walter Lang, Mr. Douglas Arnold,Mr. Steve Blakeley (not pictured - taking picture,Mr. Jerry Treich)

On May 21st, 1998 Master Walter Lang, Mr. Floyd Griffin, Mr. Douglas Arnold, Mr. Steve Blakeley, and Mr. Jerry Treich founded the YOM CHI TAEKWON-DO ASSOCIATION®. YOM CHI is a non-profit organization promoting traditional Taekwon-Do across the United States as taught by General Choi Hong Hi.

At this historic and memorable meeting the YOM CHI TAEKWON-DO ASSOCIATION® became a reality marking several milestones in the U.S.A. General Choi not only expressed his interest, excitement, and support for YOM CHI but also gave his blessing and approval of the newly formed organization. This allowed YOM CHI to lead the way in options for students who wanted to participate in Taekwon-Do within the United States but up until this time had no choice. YOM CHI's leadership allowed other Master Instructors to form their own organizations and since has become a leader within the Taekwon-Do community in the United States.

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Realizing that Taekwon-Do and the "business" of Taekwon-Do are totally different the leaders of YOM CHI did not want an organization based on all the old dictatorship models within the martial arts. They wanted to form an organization that would outlive themselves without falling apart in the event of a transition. The "Board of Trustees" which leads YOM CHI is formed by representatives of its instructors and holds elections for its leadership every two years. As one member put it, "... time and again we have seen that when there is one general and ten thousand privates... once the general is gone the organization totally falls apart and no private will follow another."


  • YOM CHI TAEKWON-DO ASSOCIATION® is a non-profit organization registered July 24, 1998, in the state of New Mexico. The association was established to give Taekwon-Do enthusiasts an affordable choice. The Taekwon-Do principles studied by this association were established and handed down to the YOM CHI instructors by Grandmaster Choi, Hong Hi.
  • The Trustees are committed to keeping the membership fee reasonable, so that most anyone can maintain a membership. One way this is done is through special family rates and discounts.
  • The YOM CHI TAEKWON-DO ASSOCIATION® is committed to standards that will be enforced evenly to all members. These standards are in writing and can only be changed by a vote of the "Board of Trustees."
  • Black Belt certification will come at an affordable price. Colored belt certification fees will be set by individual schools at their owner's discretion.
  • Active instructors will be given a voice in amending the policies of the YCTA through their state representatives. Amendments will be addressed once per year at a business meeting held for this purpose.