The goal in updating the patterns, which many before me have done, was to add my years of teaching experience to fix mistakes, syntax, and improve consistency of previous publications. While the purist may disdain change, the pragmatist realizes that our art is living and always changing. It is the charge of every senior not only to pass on knowledge, but to improve the art, while being vigilant not to change its essence. Whether you are the purist or the pragmatist, this new version will hopefully aid you in seeking out your truth. The YOM CHI Taekwon-Do Association’s® patterns on our website are designed to assist the Taekwon-Do student in learning the Ch’ang Hon patterns anywhere and anytime. This is not intended to replace your training under a certified YOM CHI Taekwon-Do Association® instructor. I gratefully thank the following people whom taught, supported, enhanced, and filled my journey with hours of inspiration, technical support, and… just countless hours of putting up with me.

Grand Master Walter L. Lang
Grand Master Richard Mitchell
Master Steve Blakeley
Master Daniel Kohler
Dr. Jeanne F. Arnold



Master Douglas A. Arnold