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YCTA-1-167 GoGo Salguero NM 11/18/2017
YCTA-1-166 Emma Smith NM 11/18/2017
YCTA-1-165 Danny Alemayehu CO 10/21/2017
YCTA-1-164 Seth J. Wize CO 10/21/2017
YCTA-1-163 Patrick Whitt CO 06/21/2017
YCTA-1-162 Manuel Lopez NM 02/04/2017
YCTA-1-161 Shelly L. Bridges NM 02/04/2017
YCTA-1-160 Olin Dawkins NM 02/04/2017
YCTA-1-159 Chad R. Portman OK 11/12/2016
YCTA-1-158 Joey Garcia NM 11/12/2016
YCTA-1-157 Rowdy S. Clagg CO 10/14/2016
YCTA-1-156 Ana Rivas CO 12/19/2015
YCTA-1-155 Adam Whitt CO 12/19/2015
YCTA-1-154 Jason Neil CO 12/19/2015
YCTA-1-153 Xander Victor NM
YCTA-1-152 Anna Castor CO
YCTA-1-151 Anna Elswick NM 06/18/2015
YCTA-1-150 Tori Soltau NM 06/18/2015
YCTA-1-149 Davin Waters NM 06/18/2015
YCTA-1-148 Tony Yan NM 06/18/2015
YCTA-1-147 Cason Waters NM 06/18/2015
YCTA-1-146 Jessica Sudderth NM 06/18/2015
YCTA-1-145 Brennan Waters TX 02/22/2014
YCTA-1-144 William Victor NM 02/22/2014
YCTA-1-143 Christopher Leap NM 02/22/2014
YCTA-1-142 Katherine L. FOley NM 02/22/2014
YCTA-1-141 Bradley D. Mauldin NM 02/22/2014
YCTA-1-140 Bryce James Hart NM 12/29/2013
YCTA-1-139 Thomas Silverstein CO 11/09/2013
YCTA-1-138 Arthur Leos CO 11/09/2013
YCTA-1-137 Samantha Gonzales NM 02/02/2013
YCTA-1-136 Sean London NM 02/02/2013
YCTA-1-135 Sarah Victor NM 02/02/2013
YCTA-1-134 Martie A. Chacon NM 02/02/2013
YCTA-1-133 John Ernst OK 11/17/2012
YCTA-1-132 Zachary Arnold CO 10/21/2012
YCTA-1-131 Colin Cannon CO 10/21/2012
YCTA-1-130 Dan Green CO 10/21/2012
YCTA-1-129 Brandon Glandt CO 10/22/2011
YCTA-1-128 Sharon Burns CO 10/22/2011
YCTA-1-127 Chris Markley CO 10/22/2011
YCTA-1-126 Amanda Ruth Garner OK 10/01/2011
YCTA-1-125 Harvey Williams OK 10/01/2011
YCTA-1-124 Ariel E. Lutnesky NM 02/26/2011
YCTA-1-123 Kenzie Madden NM 02/26/2011
YCTA-1-122 Haley Madden NM 02/26/2011
YCTA-1-121 Evan Luna NM 12/16/2010
YCTA-1-120 Michael Nagle CO 10/23/2010
YCTA-1-119 Maeve Brown NM 02/13/2010
YCTA-1-118 Joseph Burns CO 10/24/2009
YCTA-1-117 Taron Graves OK 06/20/2009
YCTA-1-116 Amanda N. Kramer OK 11/08/2008
YCTA-1-115 Emily Abney OK 11/08/2008
YCTA-1-114 John Spurlock OK 11/08/2008
YCTA-1-113 Michael B. Freeland OK 11/08/2008
YCTA-1-112 Kelsi C. Madden CO 10/11/2008
YCTA-1-111 Sondra Morris CO 10/11/2008
YCTA-1-110 John W. Madden, IV CO 10/11/2008
YCTA-1-109 Joshua Tredway NM 10/04/2008
YCTA-1-108 Jason Victor NM 10/04/2008
YCTA-1-107 Ryan M. Blaha NM 07/19/2008
YCTA-1-106 Shari Shaffer NM 07/19/2008
YCTA-1-105 Casey Moffatt CO 11/10/2007
YCTA-1-104 Johnny Trout OK 09/22/2007
YCTA-1-103 Spencer Prince NM 07/07/2007
YCTA-1-102 Linda M. Brown NM 07/07/2007
YCTA-1-101 Michael J. Hatch NM 07/07/2007
YCTA-1-100 Christie L. Carter NM 07/07/2007
YCTA-1-99 Chloe E. Speshock NM 07/07/2007
YCTA-1-98 Jerry Oden NM 07/07/2007
YCTA-1-97 Arwen Oden NM 07/07/2007
YCTA-1-96 Donita Hammond NM 07/07/2007
YCTA-1-95 Anastasia J. Lutnesky NM 07/07/2007
YCTA-1-94 Marv Lutnesky NM 07/07/2007
YCTA-1-93 Adam Piepke OK 05/19/2007
YCTA-1-92 Rylan R. Ross OK 05/19/2007
YCTA-1-91 Bradley S. Wingfield OK 05/19/2007
YCTA-1-90 Christianna Lusty UT 02/10/2007
YCTA-1-89 Thomas Lusty UT 02/10/2007
YCTA-1-88 Stefanie Countryman CO 11/07/2006
YCTA-1-87 Kristin Burns CO 11/07/2006
YCTA-1-86 Miguell Galley NM 10/29/2006
YCTA-1-85 Tersa Varnell NM 10/29/2006
YCTA-1-84 Melvin McAfoos NM 10/29/2006
YCTA-1-83 Michael Kelley MI 10/30/2004
YCTA-1-82 Randall Ross OK 05/15/2004
YCTA-1-81 Mel Lindell OK 05/15/2004
YCTA-1-80 Christopher Somenauer MI 10/25/2003
YCTA-1-79 Michelle Miller MI 10/25/2003
YCTA-1-78 Jim Hamric MI 10/25/2003
YCTA-1-77 Alan Ciemnicki MI 10/25/2003
YCTA-1-76 Kenny Prince NM 09/23/2005
YCTA-1-75 Melissa Dahlke CO 02/19/2005
YCTA-1-74 Keane Brown NM 02/26/2005
YCTA-1-73 Tori Tucker NM 02/26/2005
YCTA-1-72 Danielle Houston NM 02/26/2005
YCTA-1-71 Brandon Carter NM 02/26/2005
YCTA-1-70 Stuart Jorgensen CO 02/19/2005
YCTA-1-69 Connor Paull UT 01/15/2005
YCTA-1-68 Lance Ellsworth UT 01/15/2005
YCTA-1-67 Clyde Brown UT 06/15/2004
YCTA-1-66 Ronald Smith NM 02/28/2004
YCTA-1-65 Heath Williams NM 02/28/2004
YCTA-1-64 Lori Wallis OK 09/20/2003
YCTA-1-63 Debra Holloway OK 09/20/2003
YCTA-1-62 Michael Heagney WA 10/18/2002
YCTA-1-61 Blakeley Whitbeck OK 09/20/2003
YCTA-1-60 Jeremy Caldwell OK 09/20/2002
YCTA-1-59 Tonya Leader OK 09/20/2003
YCTA-1-58 Natasha Robinson OK 09/20/2003
YCTA-1-57 Paul Sheffield OK 09/20/2003
YCTA-1-56 Mark Yoesting NM 07/12/2003
YCTA-1-55 Virginia Schmuck NM 07/12/2003
YCTA-1-54 Benjamin Lindsey NM 07/12/2003
YCTA-1-53 Marcus Holloway OK 05/17/2003
YCTA-1-52 Dakota Harrison OK 05/17/2003
YCTA-1-51 Megan Tinnin WA 03/15/2003
YCTA-1-50 Robert King, Jr. WA 10/18/2002
YCTA-1-49 Robert King, III WA 10/18/2002
YCTA-1-48 Rachel Zakrewski NM 09/28/2002
YCTA-1-47 Grace Windler NM 09/28/2002
YCTA-1-46 Daniel Brown NM 09/28/2002
YCTA-1-45 Derek Gonzales NM 09/28/2002
YCTA-1-44 Nicole Frank NM 09/28/2002
YCTA-1-43 Jordan Roehl NM 09/28/2002
YCTA-1-42 Skyler Leader OK 09/21/2002
YCTA-1-41 Amy Hervey OK 09/21/2002
YCTA-1-40 Matthew Lusty UT 07/13/2002
YCTA-1-39 Stephen Holty UT 07/13/2002
YCTA-1-38 Theresa Lusty UT 07/13/2002
YCTA-1-37 Angelo DeSimone CO 01/19/2002
YCTA-1-36 Tyler Churches CO 01/19/2002
YCTA-1-35 Jonathan Lusty UT 12/01/2001
YCTA-1-34 Audra Brown NM 09/22/2001
YCTA-1-33 Buck Wilson NM 09/22/2001
YCTA-1-32 Adrain Azbill NM 05/12/2001
YCTA-1-31 Joshua Bullard NM 02/24/2001
YCTA-1-30 Keleigh Gott NM 02/24/2001
YCTA-1-29 Roger Legendre NM 02/24/2001
YCTA-1-27 Karl Pulman OK 04/29/2000
YCTA-1-26 Keaton Wells OK 04/29/2000
YCTA-1-25 Greg Wells OK 04/29/2000
YCTA-1-22 Clayton Morrison UT 11/20/1999
YCTA-1-21 Scott Tingley UT 11/20/1999
YCTA-1-20 Jeremy Roberts UT 11/20/1999
YCTA-1-19 Mark V. Lucas UT 05/23/1999
YCTA-1-18 Nerin Kadribegovic UT 05/23/1999

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