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YCTA-2-70 Thomas K. Lusty UT 12/08/2018
YCTA-2-69 Jessica Sudderth NM 03/03/2018
YCTA-2-68 Davin Waters TX 03/03/2018
YCTA-2-67 Xander Victor NM 11/18/2017
YCTA-2-66 Candice Marie Rosenberger CO 10/14/2016
YCTA-2-65 Katharine Foley NM 11/14/2015
YCTA-2-64 Brennan Waters NM 11/14/2015
YCTA-2-63 Samantha Gonzales NM 03/28/2015
YCTA-2-62 Bryce Hart NM 03/28/2015
YCTA-2-61 Haley Madden NM 03/28/2015
YCTA-2-60 Sarah Victon NM 03/28/2015
YCTA-2-59 Sean London NM 03/28/2015
YCTA-2-58 Martie Chacon NM 03/28/2015
YCTA-2-57 Amanda Garner CO 12/27/2014
YCTA-2-56 Shari Burns CO 10/18/2014
YCTA-2-55 Evan Luna NM 02/22/2014
YCTA-2-54 Michael Nagel CO 11/09/2013
YCTA-2-53 Maeve Brown NM 02/02/2013
YCTA-2-52 Hannah Korrell CO 10/21/2012
YCTA-2-51 Joseph Burns CO 10/22/2011
YCTA-2-50 Carolyn Cohen CO 06/08/2011
YCTA-2-49 Jason Victor NM 02/26/2011
YCTA-2-48 Kenny Prince NM 02/26/2011
YCTA-2-47 Bailey S. Burns CO 10/23/2010
YCTA-2-46 Jeanne F. Arnold CO 10/23/2010
YCTA-2-45 Miguel Galley NM 02/13/2010
YCTA-2-44 Marv Lutnesky NM 02/13/2010
YCTA-2-43 Linda Brown NM 02/13/2010
YCTA-2-42 Bradley Wingfield OK 06/20/2009
YCTA-2-41 Stefanie Countryman CO 10/11/2008
YCTA-2-40 Keane Brown NM 10/04/2008
YCTA-2-39 Kyle Colby CO 11/10/2007
YCTA-2-38 Yancey Roy CO 11/10/2007
YCTA-2-37 Angelo DeSimone CO 11/10/2007
YCTA-2-36 Leon Trout OK 05/19/2007
YCTA-2-35 Lori Holloway OK 05/19/2007
YCTA-2-34 Connor Paull UT 02/10/2007
YCTA-2-33 Daniel Brown NM 09/23/2005
YCTA-2-32 Heath Williams NM 09/23/2005
YCTA-2-31 Matthew Lusty UT 06/15/2005
YCTA-2-30 Nicole Frank NM 02/26/2005
YCTA-2-29 Theresa Lusty UT 01/15/2005
YCTA-2-27 Amy Hervey OK 09/27/2004
YCTA-2-26 Huie Brown NM 02/28/2004
YCTA-2-25 Mark Redwine MI 10/25/2003
YCTA-2-24 Ben Hubney MI 10/25/2003
YCTA-2-23 Thomas Fascia MI 10/25/2003
YCTA-2-22 Robert Drobert MI 10/25/2003
YCTA-2-21 Keith Schneider CO 10/10/2003
YCTA-2-20 Josh Bullard NM 09/27/2003
YCTA-2-19 Audra Brown NM 09/27/2003
YCTA-2-18 Buck Wilson NM 09/27/2003
YCTA-2-17 Jonathan Lusty UT 06/07/2003
YCTA-2-16 Scott Tingley UT 06/07/2003
YCTA-2-15 Erik Roach WA 10/18/2002
YCTA-2-14 Riley Todd WA 10/18/2002
YCTA-2-13 Robert Morgan NM 09/28/2002
YCTA-2-12 Andy Fair NM 09/28/2002
YCTA-2-11 Dennis Leader OK 09/22/2001
YCTA-2-10 Jerry Beach OK 09/22/2001
YCTA-2-9 James Chacon NM 02/05/2000
YCTA-2-8 Vard McGuire UT 05/23/1999
YCTA-2-7 Jamie L. Tate OK 03/27/1999
YCTA-2-6 Marshel Mitchell NM 02/20/1999
YCTA-2-3 Nelson K. Plummer OK 10/10/1998
YCTA-2-2 Manuel Lucero NM 09/26/1998
YCTA-2-1 Jason Lee OK 05/09/1998

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